Yoga education at primary school

supporting physical & mental wellbeing from ages 3 to 11


Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions that have not be answered below. I am always happy to help.





Q.      Why should I book a full day of yoga?

If I spend a whole day at your school I can run a lesson for every class from Nursery to Year 6. Alternatively you can choose which year groups you feel would benefit from yoga lessons for that term.


Q.      Will one full term be enough?

My programme is best run over a full term, or even better, a full year. I have endless postures and activities to get the children exercising and focusing. As all good teachers know, practice makes perfect.


Q.      Can you offer us a long term programme?

Yes. I would be happy to work with your setting for as long as you need me. The benefits of imbedding yoga into a schools weekly routine is huge. It makes a real difference to children to be able to access yoga in a familiar environment as part of their education from nursery to year 6.


Q.      What are the benefits of yoga for children?

I have recieved fantastic feedback from children who say they have noticed changes in themselves both for physical and mental health.  For example;

"I have lost weight since is start my lessons'- Year 4 boy about 8 weeks of yoga once a week.

"I have like yoga so much as I used to have really back weeks and now I have good weeks" - Year 6 boy after 11 weeks.

"I have been able to not feel angry in this lesson" Year 6 boy during his first yoga lesson. 

Also, the teachers and parents are very impressed with the level of participation and excitment for the children's yoga class. They has used techniques in class to help with distruptive behaviour and have noticed changes in how the children manage their emotions. 

Don't just take my word for it. Yoga is an accient tradition that has stood the test of time. Many studies have been carried out to discover the science behind yoga and have concluded that Yoga Improves Your Memory, Decision Making and Emotional Intelligence. New Study Shows even practicing once a week has measurable benefits for your brain. To read more please follow this link to an online article:


Q.      Do the children need  special kit?

No. Ideally the children will be barefoot and in PE kit. However, this is not essential. I know time for other subjects is a pressing matter so to make the most of their school day (and also not to cut into yoga time) they can stay in their uniform.


Q.      Will a member of staff need to attend with the children?

Yes please. It is very useful for a member of the teaching or support staff to be present for each class. This way if anyone needs support (or the dreaded toilet break!) someone is on hand to help. I also like to get the adults involved too if they are willing!


Q.      What if a child doesn't want to join in?

Every child is unique or may worry about trying something new. I would gently encourage them to join in and I am sure in time they will love their yoga classes. Also, yoga is not about competition, it is about going at our own pace, so nobody is forced to do anything they are not comfortable with. 


Q.      What about safeguarding?

I have a full DBS check as I was a primary school teacher. I also have specific public liability insurance.

Q. Can you do an lesson for staff after school?

Yes. I would love to provided sessions for all teaching staff to support them with the phsyical and mental health too. I have been a TA and full time teacher so I know how important it is so to stay well and have an enjoyable hobby.

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